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December 2009
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Cailie Brosca [userpic]
[info]pri_pri Members

Hello! If you're here from the ij asylum [info]pri_pri, and have a question or concern, here is the place to comment. :)

I will get back to you in a timely manner, unless I am ill or have no internet access for a brief amount of time.

So please, feel free to comment. :) I'm more than happy to hear from you, and welcome helping you or listening to your suggestion for the asylum.

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Cailie Brosca [userpic]

My name is animehime. I enjoy slash and yaoi (both are male/male romantic and/or sexual stories), both original and fan wrote. I am here solely to create a back-up in the case LiveJournal suspends my (or friends of mine) livejournal account. If I end up having to use this as an actual journal rather than a back-up, I will be posting about the slash fandom, and rec-ing slash stories. This will be the only public post. Everything else will be friends only. I will not be friending anyone unless (a) it's someone I already know from livejournal, or (b) you ask politely. You'll have to be 18 or older, with your age in your profile, for me to friend you. I'm not taking any chances someone under 18 will be reading through my recs and read something too mature for them then complain about it, or have someone use my recs to get my friends and me banned from IJ. If I friend you, I will not tolerate any: wank, bashing, threats, flames or anything else of that nature. You didn't have to ask to be friended, and you didn't have to read my entries. Go that route and I will ban you from my GJ, and tell everyone I know your name and your preferred method of attack.

Generally I am a friendly person, but the happenings at livejournal have made me angry, and freaked out a lot of my friends. Which makes it worse. So if you genuinely want to read slash or talk about fandom, don't be afraid to comment. I won't bite your head long as you're polite. ;)

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